Smitten By Food

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Smitten by food: Say foodie or say food pulls, everything around seems good when the tummy is full!

Smitten By Food:

We have come to a realization that being with food is the best thing EVER!! We eat food, dream food and just want to be with food. Whether it’s a nutritious Herb Salad or a Creamy Spinach Pizza, a Club Sandwich or Minted Mushrooms every dish has a unique flavour and persona that sweeps our hearts to a land from where we gastronomes aren’t coming back. The victual tryouts are the most incredible sessions and libations alone are equally terrific! Hey, you feel the same way we do? Are you just as crazy about every new dish like we are? Or, are you even crazier, clicking pictures to upload onto your Instagram account just like us? Oh, boy! We certify you a ‘Foodie’, umm just a little less than us.

*Sly Grin*
Whoa, we are just kidding. Welcome aboard pals! Because, we are sure that by the end of this blog you’ll be dreaming about food every minute with guaranteed water fall flowing from your mouth! By the way, do you guys feel that meal planning in advance lets you enjoy your ‘foodie avatar’ more efficiently or say with a more tranquilly a feeling? Is that a wild Yes? Great! We copy that too. Actually, it’s a very thought out structure; you love food-you plan eating your food-you eat your food-and savor it until next time. Perfff! Eat and Merry. What a life! We really do sound similar to that philosophical thought group referred to as Cārvāka. Their moto in life was to just eat-play-merry.


Okay, let’s not talk around the bush. So we were discussing the most important thing in our lives and that is food! But guys on a very serious note here, every foodie should know that along with all the gorging we do, we mustn’t forget that nutrition and calorie intake should always be kept under consideration. A food plan is must! Meal Planning is indispensable.

*Awkward Silence*
Hey, we can be serious, atleast on certain occasions! Believe us, we can and we are. Keeping a track of what we eat is necessary to maintain our love for food. Trust us folks, no foodie, infact no one would be happy to welcome illnesses. So what should be done? A very impromptu advice would be to just hit the gym and portion control and all the other things that are enemies of a food lover. But, worry not, because here are some hacks which will let you continue your streak of palatable platters. So here are the tips and tricks to beat the odds.

Tip no.1: Cumin Tea
Just one cup of Cumin tea, post eating your appetizing dishes and you are sorted to take onto your next quest! One cup of this magical tea will let your body stabilize and detoxify. It will help you to digest well and even promote Weight Loss. Now that’s a catch! Just cumin and water can do wonders for our sacred bodies.

Tip no. 2: No Water
This might sound vague but it does help a lot. All you have to do is not to drink water after eating. Instead, drink 2 glasses of water before eating. It will help you to automatically eat in control along with your heart’s content. It helps actively in digestion and most importantly, lets your body absorb nutrients effectively.

Tip no. 3: Brisk Walking
A brisk walk for 15mins post having your food, rather than sloping down on the couch or bed would help your body regularize all the gorging done just before. A 100 step per minute brisk walk is considered of moderate intensity, but, one can start to work their way up from slow to fast. It will keep heart diseases, high blood pressure and type2 diabetes, all at bay! An also help you maintain a healthy weight! Fantastico!

So here it is guys! Everything you need to protect your title of a foodie while maintaining your health. These three golden rules, tips, hacks or any name you would like to give it will always be a gastronome’s best friend!

Happy eating! And just remember, meal planning helps you eat everything you want!

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