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The breakfast table on a busy Monday morning was quiet, with everyone eating their meal and then Sunita asked, “What would you want to have for dinner today?” My thoughts for the day that laid ahead lead to a typical and confused answer “Anything!”. This dilemma of what to cook for every meal in our busy lives was taking a toll on us and Sunita and I, ended up ordering food from outside. Our bellies are the perfect testimonial of the same. Just like any other little one, our daughter was also not fond of green vegetables, and thus, even after Sunita’s harsh struggle to cook healthy meals, we failed miserably to maintain our health! This is where the seed of Planmeal was sown, aiming to take this stress away from our busy lives and lean towards a healthy lifestyle. During the initial phase of ideation itself, it was our niece’s wedding, and we were asked to make all necessary arrangements for the food of all events. What seemed like a simple task, ended up being an extremely stressful one, since, we had to prepare a different menu, having a variety of dishes for all the events and considering the suggestions of elders, kids, ladies, and the men of the house. Thankfully, we were helped by our Maternal uncle, who made the job, a breeze for us. He helped us in preparing the menus for each event, and based on the number of invitees, he also suggested the most appropriate recipes. This is when the idea of Planmeal got its validation, and we started the journey of Planmeal, addressing the question of why cannot be there a portal, which plans your meals for you, be it at home or for an event? This is how Planmeal was born, and today, we are proud to share this story with the world! Sunita & Sharat Bhandari, Founders of Planmeal.

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