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Tips and Tricks That Will Leave You Guilt Free This Festive Season

Enjoy Festivities Guilt-Free!

Festive season is on and It calls for the joy of eating our favourite sweet delicacies. We all binge eat desserts, snacks, and fritters without any guilt. But, while our taste buds are having all the fun, our body is getting loaded with the amount of unhealthy ingredients.

It's definitely fine to indulge into our favourite foods sometimes, but shouldn’t we rethink on our taste health relationship. Hence, we must aspire for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We bring to you some professional tips which will help you enjoy festival feast without compromising on your health.

Every festival India brings with it with many mouth-watering sweets and lavish meals. Palatable items namely barfi, mithai and pakoras are weak points for many of us.

Sweets, fried food, nuts, seeds, alcohol are added in our diet. It is hard to believe these food increase acidities and also attribute to poor gut health and ill digestive system. The festive feast also leads to constipation, bloating, acidity and gas the first step towards preventing indigestion problems is improve your gut health.

DID YOU KNOW: “A healthy gut is directly proportional to a healthy digestive system and inversely proportional to the frequency of gas, acidity and other related problems.”

1. Physically Fit
Around the festival time, keeping up with your fitness regimen is quite tough and this is also the time when we need it the most. Avoiding workout and eating sugar and oil laden foods, will surely increase blood sugar levels and it may also lead to unhealthy carbs and fat gain.

2. Being well-hydrated
We all have misunderstand the need of having water for hunger. It is vital to keep yourself well-hydrated throughout the day. On can also include buttermilk, green tea, lemonade, coconut water, infused water, or even cold-pressed vegetable juices. The main target must be at drinking at least 2-3 litres of water daily for improved digestion and natural detox. You can check at planmeal How much water is required according to your body.

3. Practice control
The biggest and the most fatal mistake that we commit is overeat. Eating more than what's required widens up the stomach lining. This results weight gain. So rather than of having heavy meals in one go, eating at an interval of every 3-4 hours is better. This way our metabolism will be watched and also, we will not feel too hungry to binge on unhealthy foods. Check here how much calroies you need per day planmeal according to your body.

4. Healthy swaps
Instead of jumping on the sweets and savouries of choice, we can opt for some healthy options. It will be highly beneficial if we swap aerated drinks with infused water or desserts with any fruit of choice and even ghee works great instead of processed oils. This will make our body light and in good shape.

5. A sound sleep
The hustle-bustle of festivities, gets our sleep schedule fuddled. Improper sleep leads to irritation, lethargic, fatigued, and tired body. This results in unhealthy weight gain.

6. Alcohol Control
The consumption of alcohol, as it dehydrates our body, which further also leads to nausea, fatigue, and indigestion. Amid festivities it's important to keep be mindful that our body isn't all of a sudden loaded with unhealthy food and drinks. So, this festive season let our body and mind enjoy guilt-free!

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