Skipping Lunch Can Let You Gain Weight, And Might Affect Your Performance. 

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You can make your lunch interesting and healthy, just follow these four tips. To pack your lunch box and make your lunch more nutritious. Plan your Lunch meal with @planmeal.

Healthy and an interesting lunchbox.
Skipping Lunch can let you gain weight, and might affect your performance. 

Skipping lunch or any other meal can slow down the metabolism, and there won't be enough glucose supply to brain. Guys when we don’t eat for longer period or skip any meal, our body goes into survival mode. Because of less eating or skipping meal you’ll feel tired, Irritated, or it will decrease your performance. 

I know, we get bored, and don’t wanna eat same kind of food regularly (specially from lunch box), and at times; we ignore home cooked meal, and venture out for some outside food. Thus it has become a common problem of every house hold i.e.  untouched lunch boxes.   Guys Skipping lunch or any other meal can lead to eating disorder along with Nutrient Deficiencies. 

Guys we at planmeal can help you overcome this problem/ issue too, and help you achieve your health goals OR weight loss targets. Follow the following tips while preparing for lunch, and I am sure you’ll see difference within a week it self. 

Last week I also gave some tips on how you can achieve weight loss target by enjoying Lunch.  Today I am sharing some tips to make your lunchbox more nutritious and enjoyable which definitely help you remain healthy and active throughout the day.

Thumb rule while planning for lunchbox meal is to add something from each of the food group. While preparing for lunchbox one should keep this thing in mind that prepared food is packed for several hours in an insulated container, and doesn’t lose it taste. 

  • Fruit : Any seasonal fresh fruit, avoid tinned or Dried fruit as these are generally high in sugar and low in fibre.
  • Vegetables : try to add Crunchy vegetables, that too Stir-Fry; avoid soggy ones; you can also consider legumes/beans.
  • Dairy food : Yoghurt/ Different Raita preparation OR   Tofu, Paneer etc.
  • Grain (cereal) : should be wholegrain OR high cereal fibre varieties, Rice OR it can be sandwich too.
  • 1-2 healthy snacks to maintain energy levels throughout the day
  • You can add one portion of Nuts and seeds too in lunch box, and avoid any Sugar-sweetened drinks or product.

Friends it is very much important to have healthy lunchbox at work or in school. You can write to us for some more lunch recipes OR lunch menus.  Alternatively you can log on to planmeal - an automatic meal planner. And create your meal plan for the day or week.

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