Sugar - Boycott Cheenee

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Sticking to moderate amount of Sugar, is key for healthy life, as Eating Sugar in excess can reduce your immunity, metabolic syndrome, increase the risk of diabetes, obesity and weight gain.

Sugar - Boycott Cheenee

All of us already know that overeating sugar is not right, still many of us crave for Sugar, and it is quite challenging to avoid Sugar. Almost everything we eat has some portion of added Sugar. Various Studies claim that we tend to consume about 17 teaspoons Sugar a day; which is about 41% higher than the recommended intake.*

Excessive added sugar consumption may lead to many diseases like Obesity, Heart Disease, Diabetes and many other. It can affect our memory too. Beside Obesity, diabetes and heart diseases, Sugar can also impact our Brain, Our Mood, Teeth, Our Joints, Skin, Our Liver and Kidneys. It is also important to note that Sugar can impact Sexual Health too.

    Here are some of the natural Sugar Alternatives


  • Agave nectar
  • Coconut sugar
  • Honey
  • Date paste
  • Maple syrup
  • Cane Sugar

Remember: No Sugar or Sweetener is healthy in excess. If you are concerned about your intake of Sugar or sweeteners, follow these tips* regularly for reducing Sugar in your diet. Furthermore, by Just Eliminating Sugar from the diet is not a solution for weight loss. It is a part of Holistic Lifestyle change. Also, if you are looking to start following the no-sugar diet, you should consult professionals, especially if you have any health issues.

  • *Start drinking water, calorie-free beverages, low-fat milk instead of Sugary Sodas and drinks. 
  • Add flavours like spices, or citrus to flavour your drink.
  • Include Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and vanilla. 
  • Choose whole fruit, instead of processed desserts and fruits. 
  • Snack on vegetables, fruit, low-fat cheese, or whole-wheat crackers
  • Buy unsweetened versions of food.
  • Opt for plain yoghurt, can add fruits to it. 
  • Avoid Dried and canned fruits.
  • Chew Fennel Seeds
  • Quash Sugar carvings with Tea, Coffee, Flavour Coffee and Tea with other ingredients besides Sugar
  • Consume smaller portions of high-sugar foods
  • Switch to Dark Chocolate
  • Use Apple sauce when baking.
  • Swap Ketchup for Salsa.
  • Top Foods with fruit rather than syrups
  • Sleep More

Most Importantly: PLAN YOUR MEAL, sticking to a diet with no plans is very difficult and we often reach to sugary snacks when hungry. Therefore it is important to plan meals to have nutritious meals and healthy alternatives in hand when hungry. Also, this will help you avoid visiting grocery shopping again and again - resulting in less temptation for any junk food, candy bar OR soda OR Desserts.

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  • June 21, 2020 At 01:02 PM

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