Healthy And An Interesting Lunchbox.

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You can make your lunch interesting and healthy, just follow these four tips. Packing lunch box smartly can definitely help you achieve weight loss goal, save time and money too.

Healthy and an interesting lunchbox.

Guys for many of us Eating lunch at workplace everyday from lunchbox becomes boring.  Government may have lifted restrictions from the eateries/ restaurants, and Eating out in eateries/ restaurants is tempting too, but I am sure you all  know that eating outside is costly and time consuming affair.  Moreover eating outside regularly, is linked to obesity and poorer diet and may cause some health related issues.

Folks, follow these tips to make your lunch boxes healthy, wealthy and enjoyable.  Homemade meals will definitely help you save time and money, moreover you needn’t to compromise with your health goal.   Guys do you know a healthy lunch box can help you in achieving weight loss goals


Know what’s in your food and Plan accordingly
Taking out some time before the week start,  decide your daily/ weekly meals (specially for lunch) and prepare a chart, this will help you source required ingredients for all the food you plan for it.

Go for Variety
When you plan ahead of time, you have options to include your favourite food, thus you can also switch the cuisine too. Don’t forget to Add fresh fruit and home prepared snacks this will (specially fresh fruit and snacks) definitely make your lunch more enjoyable.

Leftover Role
Many of times leftovers makes another great meal out of them. Often these leftovers comes as a saviour; when we running behind the schedule.  Don’t worry we at planmeal have many leftover recipes.

Portion Control
Guys, start packing your lunch, as you will definitely pack adequately – not out of control / over do portions to ensure you don’t really eat extra (overeat) and also achieve zero food waste by controlling size/ portion  of your meal. This will also help you in achieving weight loss and  many other Health Goals

Guys, we all deserve it
We all work hard, and for sure we all deserve good food, to take care ourselves.  Guys, with planmeal it will just take a minute to plan your weekly lunch menu, along with grocery list required to prepare your daily meals.  You can customise this online weekly lunch menu with your food preferences.

Meal Planning in advance with planmeal,  will ensure you enough time to make a healthy lunch. Healthy lunch will keep you fuelled for the day, save you money, and leave you feeling good and great.   Now Don’t forget to  pack your lunch.  Planmeal is to eat healthy and nutritious.

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