Healthy Eating Habits For Longer Life Expectancy

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It's always never too late to start, whether you are in your 30s or 40s and beyond, but its always too late to wait for adopting Healthy Eating Habits.

Eating Habits and Life Expectancy

Eating Habits and Life Expectancy

Eating Habits - An Individual OR Group of People’s choice of food depends on what they eat, their habit or pattern of eating food.

Do you know we can differentiate people by their eating habits for example-- One can eat with emotions, Unconscious eating, eating quickly, nighttime eating, and eating quite often. These are just a few common bad eating habits that can cause some serious side effects on our health.

One such eating habit is eating too much fast food, many studies claim that more fast food shorter the life expectancy. (Life Expectancy: number of years a person is expected to live). It’s a proven fact that mortality rate is higher for those who consume sugar-sweetened beverages, high sodium, unprocessed red meat etc.

Knowingly or unknowingly these eating habits become part of our daily routine, (because of various constraints) and at time we tend to ignore these bad habits because of some other priorities.

But I am sure, year 2020/ covid19 pandemic has given us enough reasons to believe in the importance of home-cooked food, a Balanced diet, OR a healthy diet OR diet with longest life expectancy. In fact, Many of us started looking at ways to change our food habits, trying to include more healthy food or best diet for longevity in our diet ( started looking for immunity booster in every food - Influenced by social and environmental )

Healthy Eating Habit doesn’t mean that you have to follow strict diet plans. OR say NO to all the food you love. It is all about boosting your mood, having more energy, feeling great, less stressed, and improving your health. Changing eating habits is very difficult, as these are (eating habits) influenced by many factors. But you can start with a small change/ step with Planmeal to change your eating habits, which will give you long-term success and diet with longest life expectancy.

One of the recent studies of 2018 on the subject; led by scientists from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that healthy habits can extend the life expectancy by 12 to 14 years.

Must be wondering, how planmeal is related? Which are these Healthy habits? And how Planmeal can help us adopting these healthy eating habits. Let’s see, how planmeal - an Holistic indigenous meal planning app can help you live longer OR help you adopt 8 top healthy eating habits, which can have significant impact on Life Expectancy.

Concept of planning meal revolves around inculcating healthy habits in society and make people aware about the advantages of healthy lifestyle and most importantly eating healthy. Planmeal is carrying forward the legacy of Indian Tradition of eating delicious, nutritious and healthy food, as if eating food cooked by mother. (Maa ke haath ka khana)

8 Healthy Eating Habits

Choose Water : Planmeal - An Automatic Meal Planner, can help you and let you Set a goal to drink water instead of sugar-sweetened drinks. During the day. You can check online at planmeal for how much water you should drink in a day.

Home Cooked Food and Family Dinner : Planmeal advocates home-cooked food and eating with the family, (without any distractions like TV/ computer etc - as it may lead to mindless overeating) moreover it helps to strengthen ties and build better relationships. - meaning more happiness. Eating with family can help you improve communication skills and manage stress more effectively (resulting in less stress, less eating and more happiness)

Eat Slowly and Mindfully: While eating, you can pause - chew slowly and put down fork/ spoon between bites. Eating slowly because it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to send out signals that you are full.

Developing a Routine:  Meal Planning service of Planmeal, can help you have your meals around the same time, as it can help you prevent becoming obese. Studies suggest that if you following same time meal pattern it can help you have better cholesterol and insulin levels.

Stick to One Serving: Planmeal can help you control your portion size, start using smaller plates, add more leafy greens if you aren’t satisfied or round off with fruits. Eating outside, don’t order supersize, share with friends. etc.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and Vegetables are low in calories and nutrient dense. Planmeal can remind you eating your fruits, at right time and in right quantity. It's ’s known fact that consumption of fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of many diseases. Eating fruits at wrong time can effect adversely (nutrient may not be absorbed properly, may not be digested )

Alternate Cooking: exploring alternate cooking methods to keep intact nutritional values of the food, for example Steaming/ cooking time can impact nutrient concentration in Broccoli. You can find alternate ways of cooking your recipes on Planmeal. Planmeal can also suggest you use of earthen utensils in various recipes. Clay pots add various nutrients to the food, and can prevent diseases like cancer.

Plan your meal: It’s always better to know what we will eat in our next meal, as it help us to save time, money and have solid reason to avoid Ordering last minute unhealthy food or eating instant food (high in sodium). Planning our meals in advance give us an opportunity to eat rainbow, balanced and nutritious food. Planning meals in advance can help us save time, save money and most importantly live healthy.

I know changing food habits is not that easy, it takes time. Also we seriously don’t have time and energy to sit down and chalk out OR write down the MEAL PLANs IN ADVANCE OR buy groceries accordingly.

Guys I am sure, by now you must be thinking, OH! Eating a healthy/ balanced diet OR planning meal in advance is very difficult OR Planning a menu for lunch/ dinner is like piecing together an intricate puzzle. As we have to consider all these aspects like, from the availability of ingredients to family members , numerous dietary restrictions and most importantly portion size.

What’s the alternate? Is it Dietitian? - Not Really! An expensive alternate, AND you’ll have to visit either weekly or fortnightly to get new diet/ meal plans sounds a little impractical alternate.

Needn’t to worry! Algorithms of Planmeal - An Indigenous online platform; is an automatic meal plan generator, An AI-Powered Smart Kitchen Assistant, or Weekly menu planner tool which will suggest you based on your some basic inputs; What Should You Eat?, When Should You Eat and most importantly How Much Should You Eat? (Portion Size of your food)

We’re continuously growing our algorithms. We’ll continue to invite more and more guests as new platform becomes available. Spread the word and participate in the small survey to enable us to understand your meal requirement/ expectations, and get a chance to win one year free subscription of the app.

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