Food Trends Post COVID-19

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  • May 22, 2020 At 03:52 AM

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Predicted food trends in India post covid-19

8 Food Trends post COVID-19

COVID-19 Impact, following are some of the trends; which will be the future trends releated to FOOD

1. A new return to home cooking
2. Restaurant jaisa khana
3. Greater technology
4. Freelancer Chef at home
5. Lesser incidence of eating out
6. More Open kitchen
7. More home delivery/ takeaways
8. Single portions please

Many companies across the world have already started exploring Work from Home Option to their employees even post covid-19 pandemic.

Thus, we will definitely see that Home Cooked food will be new normal. Off course it would change the way we eat. Along with Home cooked food, we will also see that people will more likely buy organic (natural) products; moreover, they will like/ look for recipes which can give them taste like Restaurant.

Planmeal is getting ready to provide you a single platform; which will suggest food as per your preferences, yet healthy. Planmeal will generate your ingredient list (grocery list). Furthermore you can watch videos and learn cooking. There are many more unique features, which we will update you from time to time….

In short planmeal – will be one stop solution for all your dietary related hassles.

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