Food, Mental Wellbeing, Mood And Meal Planning

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we have been taught that eating well, balanced and less will help us stay healthy and wealthy. I am sure that you are familiar with one of most common expression i.e. You are what you eat OR Jaisa man vaisa Ann & Jaisa Ann vaisa man.

food and mental status and mood

Is Food is related to Mental Wellbeing?

Our brain works 24/7, it even works when we are sleeping. Our brain controls our thought, senses, movements, heartbeat, breathing, rather it controls all the functions of our body. That’s the reason our brain constantly needs energy or fuel, and fuel comes from the food we eat.

From beginning, we have been taught that eating well, balanced, and less will help us stay healthy and wealthy. I am sure that you are familiar with one of the most common expressions i.e. You are what you eat OR Jaisa man vaisa Ann and Jaisa Ann vaisa man.

Remember that our brain is one of the most important parts of our body and it can be benefited or may suffer from the food we eat. Healthy and nutritious food can definitely help the brain to work/ function smoothly, whereas junk food can make us lethargic and moody.

In recent years Depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s are on rising amongst many of us, and it has been proved that mental health is directly linked with food (nutrition). In today’s fast-moving world we seem to forget the simple advice thatYou are what you eat, owing to various reasons, we miss on a healthy and nutritious diet.

How food is related to mental health?

Do you know neurotransmitter (serotonin) which helps regulate various functions of our body (like appetite and sleep) is mainly produced in our gastrointestinal tract and the gastrointestinal is lined with neurons? Here it is important to note that our digestive system doesn’t just digest the food we eat, but it also guides our emotions and produces serotonin. Good bacteria of the intestinal microbiome improve the capacity to absorb nutrients from the food and activate neural pathways between the gut and the brain.

Here are some more tips for better mental status and mood

Healthy Gut: Our brain and intestines are linked via nerve and both are able to send messages to each other, our brain can affect the bacterias living in the gut and gut can influence the emotions/ brain, as mentioned above 95% of Serotonin is produced by gut bacteria.

Try reducing sugar, flour, and add fresh fruits, whole grains to your diet for an improved healthy gut.

Mindful Eating: Almost all of us don’t really pay attention to how we feel after our food (meal)। nutritionists suggest one should keep a food journal, (documenting what, where and when we eat) it may be possible that we end up eating more when we are stressed or other. Try to schedule five or smaller meals rather than having just three large meals.

Brain Food: Our brain continuously needs fuel, in form of various carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. To get all the required nutrients for improved mental functioning, we need to have a variety of food in our daily diet.

Some other important healthy eating tips for better mental health

  • Reduce rather than avoid processed snacks, food, and sugar.
  • Reduce the quantity of fats (oil) OR replace the regular fats with healthy fats
  • Switch to healthy snacks from packaged or processed food
  • prepare a shopping list and stick to it. Also don’t shop when you are empty stomach/ hungry
  • don’t eat in front of the television rather start eating with family, and chew slowly.

A holistic approach towards personalised diet and lifestyle change can help you regain mental and physical well being, Planmeal is here to help you to build a better lifestyle

The best way to ensure sufficient minerals and vitamins for better mental and physical health, Start planning your food in advance. Start focusing on eating a more clean and healthy diet, (not just for a day or two) follow for three-four weeks and see how you feel.

Meal planning can actually help you eat high-quality food, which is full of lots of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients which nourish our brain and protect it from producing free radicals which are harmful to our body.

A Healthy and Balanced Diet which includes fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes, whole grains, dairy, can significantly reduce the risk of depression and many other diseases.

Mental health (illness) can be life-threatening, one should consult a doctor for proper treatment, not just be limited to diet change or change of food habits.

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