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Surprisingly these days every advertisement is somehow related to immunity booster OR 99.9% infection free. Sometime I feel how will I be immune if I don’t buy/ get these products? Is there is any alternate? Let’s find out.

Meal Planning - smart kitchen assistant

Year 2020 brought many hardships and changes across the globe, it has changed our habits, behaviours like never before. 2020 has been a thunderclap on our lifestyle.

2020, has taught us to differentiate between needs and wants, it has taught us the value of Sharing, importance of relationships and most importantly a new normal i.e. Home Cooking and Healthy Eating.

Do You know what’s going to be new normal or will trend this year 2021 and ahead?

People become more conscious about what they are eating and where they eating, etc. By now we are all well acquainted with the much-talked quote i.e. Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - it is now eating the food which nourishes you physically and mentally. Immunity Boosters, Mental Health, Localism, will be the main concerns for an individual OR their families.

Market is flooded with Immunity booster foods and their advertisements round the clock, and top of it these ads are not just limited to food, surprisingly every advertisement is somehow related to immunity booster OR 99.9% infection free. Sometime I feel how will I be immune if I don’t buy/ get these products.

We need to understand clearly that what is good for one, may not be good for the other. And you ought not to be confused with so much of misleading, false, or obscure information. I am sure you’ll buy this point that many of us started have using online solutions more than ever in year 2020 and it has become actually new normal. Not just in education, and work from home, we’d seen surge in finding new and healthy recipes online.

Gone are the days where people were following extreme diets, wasting time in sourcing unnecessary/ not so common ingredients OR supplements - which have little or no scientific proof to back them.

But Not to worry Now! We have the best solution!

Yes, Planmeal is your one stop solution for all your food related hassles. Planmeal - An Indiginious Automatic Meal Planner, carry forwards the legacy of Indian Tradition of eating tasty and nutritious food.

Planmeal is an AI powered Personalised nutritionist for you and your family. It can suggest you day, weekly or monthly meal plan based on four basic input (those are Gender, Date of Birth, Height and Weight). And the generated meal plan is customisable.

You can customise the generated meal plan by telling the system about your allergies, specific dietary requirement if any, define your taste etc. Planmeal’s algorithm will automatically update your meal plan and accordingly generate the grocery list too.

You can match with your available stock in your pantry, and rest you can order it online OR download on WhatsApp for local shopping. Planmeal’s inbuilt smart messaging feature will notify you about your meal time, drinking water notifications etc. With Planmeal you can even define your schedule for the day, like having dinner outside in restaurant OR having lunch with client OR any other. Planmeal can also remind you for any special occasion with your favourite recipes OR festival specific dishes.

You can plan your event menus with group of friends or family members on planmeal, it’s algorithms will suggest your appropriate menu based on preferences and budget. Planmeal is actually not just meal planning portal, it is actually smart kitchen assistant tool, which will give you or your cook timely notifications about what to cook next, what all ingredients required, how to prepare etc. Planmeal is an Umbrella product for all your food and nutrition related hassles.

Using Planmeal you can save time, money, energy and enjoy healthy life with your loved one. Using Planmeal you are contributing to society by minimising food wastage, keeping yourself away from many foods borne diseases.

We would like to know more about your needs! Participate and answer few questions in a small survey.

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