Dietary Recommendations For Those Recovering From COVID19.

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  • May 17, 2021 At 07:20 AM

General Dietary Recommendation, eat nutritious and balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits. This will allow our immune system to function optimally.

plan your meals in accordance to COVID19 guidelines

I am sure by now you would have started realising the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet. A balanced and nutritious diet help our immune system to function optimally.  Around the globe scientists,  Doctors, World Health Organisation, etc are advising us to adopt a nutritious and balanced diet.

It’s a proven fact that those who eat nutritious and balanced diets tend to have a lower risk of infectious diseases, chronic illnesses, because of their stronger immune system.  At the same time, we should not ignore that any diet can be a magic pill and can cure your illness. A healthy diet is compliment to your treatment, which will help you recover faster by boosting your immune system. 

Follow these Dietary guidelines specially during this ongoing covid-19 crisis.

Eat Unprocessed and Fresh Food every Day

Include vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains, or legumes.
Avoid food that is high in sugar, fat, or salt
Avoid overcooked vegetables and fruit.

Drink enough Water

Water act as a transporter in our body for various nutrients and compounds in the blood and helps in regulating our body temperature.
Include buttermilk OR  lime juice in your daily diet.
Avoid sweetened syrups, juice concentrates drinks containing sugar or sugar-added fruit juices.

Limit the amount of Fat and Oil

Switch to unsaturated fatty acids like soy, canola, olive, sunflower, gingerly  and corn oils
Switch to low-fat Dairy products
Avoid processed food and frozen foods.

Eat less salt and sugar

Limit your intake of salt, it shouldn’t be more than 1 teaspoon in a day. 
Avoid Soft drinks, sodas, or any other drink which is high in sugar.

Avoid Eating Out Side/ Food

Switch to Home cooked food,  can adopt alternate cooking methods to preserve nutrients and vitamins in the food. 
Use Indian spices like ginger, garlic & turmeric; these are natural immunity boosters.
Avoid outside food/ restaurant food which ensures that you are not consuming processed food, which is high in sugar, sodium, and salt.

Along with a good nutritious and balanced diet, physical activities are also important.  You can check out some of the home-based exercises here.  Take adequate sleep, make a proper list before going to market to avoid going multiple times.    

Still, you encounter any symptoms of any infection, first consult your family doctor, and as per advice take medication .  Stay Home, Get Vaccinated as per the schedule and follow government guidelines to emerge from this COVID-19 pandemic.   

Stay Safe, Together we will fight this pandemic.

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