Common Foods For Stronger Immune System

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Common food items available in our kitchen, which can help us to keep our immune system stronger, and help us fighting infectious diseases.

Best meals Ideas to boost immune system.

Everyone keeps wondering what kind of diet I should follow, to keep my immune system boosted. What foods I should eat to keep my immune system stronger and reduce the risk of infectious diseases. Which are the food items, available in our kitchen which we can easily include in our daily diet; to keep our immune system strong in order to fight infectious diseases.


    Yogurt, One of my all time favourite food, a dairy product; prepared by bacterial fermentation of milk. It is a natural probiotic, Probiotics are Friendly bacteria, promoting gut health, and has a strong impact on our immune system (helps improving our immune system). IF consumed regularly it can protect our body from various infectious diseases.

  • Vitamin C-rich foods

    Vitamins C plays a significant role in boosting our immune system. We can include citrus fruits like Papaya, Tomatoes, Oranges, Lemons, Red Bell Peppers, Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli, and Spinach to our diet for stronger immunity. Plant based foods, loaded with Vitamin C are always good for immunity and skin.


    Ginger is among the healthiest and most delicious spice on the plant, loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds which can benefit our body and brain. Ginger helps in breaking down accumulated toxins in our body, Gingerol the main bioactive compound helps our body fight infectious diseases and keep our immune system stronger.


    Garlic is been used more like Herb or Spice than a vegetable, and it has been used in small amount as flavour booster in many dishes. This is another common and must have ingredient in every Indian Kitchen. According to Ayurveda Garlic is been known since ancient times for its anti-fungal, immune booster, antiseptic and other nutritive properties. When consumed fresh/ raw it kills viruses and bacteria, check out planmeal to include garlic in your daily meals.


    A Very common spice, found in every Indian Kitchen, used in many dishes; specially vegetables is Turmeric, a Root, The Golden Spice. Turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. Its Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial, Anti Viral, Anti Inflammatory properties make our immune system more stronger OR it helps boosting our immunity. It Can be consumed with Milk (Golden Milk) OR Ghee. Find out more options of turmeric drinks on planmeal, to include in your daily diet.


    Clove, another spice known for its medicinal properties and culinary uses, Clove are loaded with antioxidants, and several other vitamins and minerals. Cloves can kill the bacteria, and help in regulating blood sugar. It also helps in boosting our immune system. Clove prevent us from many infectious diseases and help us keeping our Immune system stronger.


    Kadha a traditional Indian aromatic drink with numbers of medicinal properties. Kadha is in existence since ancient times, and there are many versions of KADHA being used these days. Main ingredients of kadha are Tulsi Leaves, Cinnamon Stick (Dalchini), Black Pepper, Cloves, Turmeric (Raw/ Kachi Haldi), Ginger, LemonGrass, Honey OR Jaggery. This Desi Drink ‘KADHA’ helps boost our immune system, also helps in detoxification of our body. You can checkout other KADHA/ KAWA recipes on planmeal to include in your daily diet plans.

  • NUTS

    Nuts are full of nutrients, and loaded with Antioxidants. Consume Almond, walnuts, fig in the morning, Peanuts and Cashews during the day. Nuts are not only help full in boosting our immune system, they are also associated with many other health benefits.


    Popularly known as Gur. Jaggery is known for its numerous therapeutic properties. It is a natural sweetener. Jaggery is one of the best immune booster food, generally consumed in winters, it is also known for purifying blood and help boosting haemoglobin. Many people eat jaggery after their meal, as it also helps in digestion.

Folks, there are many natural foods available which can help us keeping our immune system stronger and healthier. All of above mentioned food products are easily available in our Kitchen and are being used in our daily meal/ food.

Do not increase the consumption of these in your diet without consulting professionals/ experts or nutritionist.

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