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<p>Many a times, we aren’t willing to cook at Home, neither want go to a restaurant, still want to eat some tasty and healthy food.</p>

Tips for Online Food

Ordering food Online No Problem! Follow these tips and make your meal healthier

Many a times, we aren’t willing to cook at Home, neither want go to a restaurant, still want to eat some tasty and healthy food. Thankfully these days so many apps are available, which are eager to deliver the ordered food at your door step from any of your favourite restaurants.

Here I am not talking about, How to order, OR which APP to use OR selecting a particular restaurant to place your food order.

Guys It is all about making some healthful choices. Again do not misunderstand me, by healthful choices – I don’t mean that you order only salad OR green leafy vegetable.

Follow these four tips and enjoy your healthier lunch OR dinner from outside.

  1. Look for some alternate method of cooking like steamed, roasted, broiled, poached, baked OR grilled OR ask them if they can prepare the dish in a different way.
  2. Try to ignore cheesy, breaded, crispy, crunchy as these are generally associated with higher fat/ calories. Also limit the # of items which are fried or served in various sauces.
  3. Select the dishes which are like veggie wraps, stir-fries; and you can start your meal with salad or vegetables and don’t forget to add fruit-based dessert or side dish.
  4. Generally, delivered portion size is bigger than the required, we can split it in two. Do ensure you plate your food from the delivered containers for more appropriate portion size.

Also most importantly don’t forget to wash your hands before serving and eating.

Eating everyday OR frequently outside food can cause obesity, and related complications. Therefore it is suggested that you start planning your meals in advance. By planning your meals in advance you’ll have enough choices even for out side food.

Planmeal is the only indigenous application, which will allow you to decide your meal patterns and even let you choose eating at home / outside. Register your self to planmeal and get a chance to win one year free subscription.

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  • January 05, 2021 At 12:00 AM

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