Managing  Pantry Not A Challenge  any More

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manage-pantry : Generate automatic Grocery List on Planmeal by planning your meals for a week or more, and save time, money and never run out of any required ingredient.

Smart grocery list management | planmeal

Avni was a working woman in the IT sector and Mukesh was working as Sales Manager in a consumer goods company because of her long working hours and Mukesh's touring job; they weren't able to maintain a proper stock of their groceries. They continued a tradition of buying when needed, from the shop next door.

From the last two days, Avni and Mukesh were looking puzzled and tensed and were behaving a little frustrated

Yumism, her next-door neighbour asked her, Why is she (Avni) so puzzled? And after continuous persisting, Avni told her problem.

That they are almost running out with their groceries and other daily needs items, she has two-day flour (Ragi Atta) for her husband as he has diabetes. Also, tomorrow is her Son Nitu's birthday, and she doesn't have noodles - which is her Son Nitu's favourite dish.

On hearing this Yumism, said don't worry, I'll help you.

Yumism went home and came back with three / four small containers of various flour-like Barley/ Jau and Chane. She also shared the recipe on how to make cook noodles on her Whatsapp and helped her in making the same.

Later in the day, Avni and Mukesh were discussing that despite their ( Yumism and Yumato's) busy schedule, how well they were managing their pantry/ groceries. And how effectively they manage their daily Kitchen and other things. Avni and Mukesh decided to ask Yumsim and Yamato about the secret of their healthy lifestyle and their smart pantry, etc., etc.

Later in the evening, they visited their neighbour, to ask the same.

Yumism and Yamato welcomed them. When Avni asked their secret, of how both of them managed their pantry and other stuff…..

Yumism and Yumato looked at each other and laughed a bit. Yumism later told them about the concept of Healthy Meal Planning for week/ 10 days or a month, Planning a Meal and generating a grocery list automatically (Smart Pantry List).

Avni and Mukesh both were surprised and little puzzled. Both started asking questions, like 1. What is meal planning?
2. How Our Pantry store is related to meal planning?
3. Are you visiting / Consulting a dietician regularly?
4. Visiting dieticians will be expensive?
5. Do they take care of everyone's needs?
6. Don't they advise a complicated meal for cooking? Etc etc..

Yumism says hang on Avni and Mukesh…. Answer to all your questions is PLANMEAL - An Automated Meal Planner. Online Meal Planning App.

Yumism says initially they also faced a similar problem like indecision of what to cook, shortage of required Ingredient, wastage of food, etc. They were actively looking for a useful meal planning tool that is Indigenous and can help them change their lifestyle holistically. Planmeal is the result of their months' long search. It is helping them to improve their food habits, ensuring that we intake healthy food, with all the required nutrition as per our body requirement, and much more…

Planmeal: An Automatic meal planner portal. Planmeal tells you what you should eat, how much you should eat, and when you should eat — just based on four essential inputs
Date of birth

Besides that, if you have any other specific dietary requirement (like Mukesh is Diabetic ), You can add your family members, and their food preferences too. You can also add special days/festivals in the system. You can customize your preferences/choices according to taste, season, Day, Time, etc. PLANMEAL will also work as a reminder service, can remind you for the specific dish on a particular day.. and much more.

Again Avni says it might be very expensive. Yumism says it is not at all expensive. PLANMEAL focusing on Indian spices and Herbs, traditional Indian recipes along with continental and other modified Indian recipes. Planmeal also ensures that 95% of required Ingredients in their recipes readily available in our Kitchen/ Pantry. It also helps us to save money, reduce food wastage, planmeal can work as a Virtual COOK in our Kitchen. Another best thing is it helps us SAVE TIME, for our family, moreover it is one of its kind services which help us change our lifestyle holistically and achieve more.

Planmeal can work both ways “Recipe First Cooking“ or "Ingredients First Cooking".

Planmeal will generate a smart list of groceries/ingredients required for the day/week / 10 days or for a month, which you can easily download on your mobile/email.

Stay tuned/ subscribe to @plnmeal for our next update on Why and What is meal planning and also get a chance of a new and free subscription of 3 months of planmeal.

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