How Much Should I Eat? Balanced And Accurate Meal Planning

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Balanced Diet is nourishment. It is the fuel that runs each and every bodily function from thoughts, to movement, to every breath we take. But Question here is How Much ? (What Should be the Portion Size of your each Dish in Balanced Diet) And it is a fundamental human necessity for survival

Portion Size of My Meal

Balanced Diet is nourishment. It is the fuel that runs each and every bodily function from thoughts, to movement, to every breath we take. But Question here is How Much ? (What Should be the Portion Size of your each Dish in Balanced Diet) And it is a fundamental human necessity for survival.

Balanced diet, gives our body required nutrients for its functioning, Balanced Diet strengthen our immune system; without a balanced diet we are vulnerable to various diseases, infection, low performance, stress, etc. Many of us because of busy schedule OR daily routine requirement, tend to choose quick takeout meals and these are mostly loaded with some extra unwanted calories. All this can lead to various health problems like diabetes, blocked arteries, blood clotting, kidney infections, obesity hypertension etc…

Many of us might already be following balanced diet to keep ourselves healthy and energetic, still many a times we fall sick, our performance goes low, catch some infections, OR… Have you ever thought, why even after having a balanced diet, we fall sick? OR we are vulnerable to some infections like cold, fever etc.

Here it is important to note that, is Having food from all the food group (balanced diet) is enough for our healthy body/ mind. NO, not really. Balanced Diet I is essential along with other factors like WHEN TO EAT? and most importantly HOW MUCH TO EAT? (Portion Size of your food).

Along with the understanding of what to eat, it is very very important to know the right quantity of food to eat. As eating too much may cause obesity or other noncommunicable diseases and eating less can also lead to nutritional deficiencies, and make you vulnerable to various disease. One should have 3 major and 2 minor (snacks) meals in a day. One should not skip any meal, As skipping any meal can lower the metabolic rate. Also you should have food from all the food groups to have all required nutrients.

Given below are the standard Dietary portion and suggested portion size (Quantity) of respective food groups. (These are based on RDA values taken from the Indian Council of Medical Research (2010) and food data from the Dietary Guidelines for Indians by the National Institute of Nutrition (2010).The results are indicative figures, please consult the health care professional/dietitian for further advice.)

Food Group One Serving Adult Men Adult Women
Cereals and Millets 30g 375 270
Pulses 30g 75 60
Milk and Milk Products 100g 300 300
Roots and Tubers 100g 200 200
Green Leafy Vegetables 100g 100 100
Other Vegetables 100g 200 200
Fruits 100g 100 100
Sugar 5g 20 20
Fats and Oils 5g 25 20

Here are some Tips for Portion Control and Measure

  • Use smaller Dinnerware.
  • Divide your dinner plate in sections for different food groups
  • Take Half Portion - when eating in Restaurants / eateries
  • Drink Glass of Water before 30 minutes of any meal
  • Eat is Slowly (studies suggest that our brain takes about 20 minutes to register that we are full after eating)
  • Avoid Eating directly from the container

Guys I am sure, by now you must be thinking, OH! healthy meal / balanced diet OR planning meal in advance is very difficult OR Planning menu for lunch/ dinner is like piecing together an intricate puzzle. As we have to consider all these aspects like, from availability of ingredients to family members or guests ,numerous dietary restrictions and most importantly portion size.

How much food? It actually depends on four major factors and these are eight, age, gender and weight; beside other factors like physical activities, your health state, and if you are on any medications


Algorithms of Planmeal - An Indigenous online platform for meal planning; is an automatic meal plan generator, which will suggest you based on your inputs (your body requirements) What Should You Eat?, When Should You Eat? and most importantly How Much Should You Eat? (Portion Size of your food) - planmeal, A saviour in all the food hassles endeavours to create a society that superintendents and embrace health and wellness to fitness. Planmeal will also gives you a complete control on your daily meal and will let you create personalized meal plan based on your food preferences, nutritional needs, budget and schedule.

We’re continuously growing our algorithms. We’ll continue to invite more and more guests as new platform becomes available. Spread the word and request an invite. Meal Planning using Planmeal can ensures that what you consume is in the best interest of your body.

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