Meal Planning OR Diet Plan?

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Meal planning, encourages home cooked meal, which is linked with healthy eating. Meal Planning is associated with healthier diet and less obesity, NO NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases)

Our Goal should be eat healthy,  not to go on diet.

5 Reasons Why Meal Planning Is Better Than Going On A Diet

Do you constantly try to go on a new diet but always fail to see it through completely? Following a diet regimen can be difficult, especially if you have a busy daily schedule. On most days, you tend to eat unhealthy towards the end of the day because you are too tired or lazy to cook.

Your relationship with food changes tremendously once you start planning your meals in advance. A little effort can help you continue your journey towards achieving your health goals. In recent times, meal planning has gained huge popularity amongst health-conscious people. Here are a few reasons that make meal planning a more efficient route to achieving your fitness goals.

Planmeal - Automatic meal planner

1. It is a long-term solution
Strict diets are known to provide faster results. But the results tend to fade away once the diet stops. When you are on a strict diet regimen, you automatically think you are depriving your body of good food and energy. Consequently, once the diet stops, you tend to go back to your old eating habits. With meal planning, you are giving yourself the time to adapt to making healthy eating part of your lifestyle.

2. It helps you stick to your health goal
Having a set plan helps you achieve your goals. Meal planning helps you make wiser decisions to #eathealthy. Any weight loss routine requires a proper meal plan and workout schedule. Preparing your food in advance and creating healthy habits step by step let you follow a healthier lifestyle.

Planmeal - Automatic meal planner
Planmeal - Automatic Diet planner

3. It helps you focus on your nutrient intake
With so many diets focusing on cutting out a nutrient from your diet, meal planning is a welcome change. With meal planning, you give yourself the time to include all nutrients in the diet. Nutrient plays an important role in weight loss.

4. It prevents you from cheating
When you chart out and prepare your meals for the week, it reduces the chances of mindless eating. In that momentary state of hunger, you often tend to pick up snacks that are unhealthy and easily around you. Meal planning helps you make the right food choices. Already prepared meals and snacks stop you from giving in to your cravings when hungry.

Planmeal - Automatic meal planner

5. It provides more consistency
Meal planning also gives your diet the consistency it needs. You are able to buy your groceries and cook your meals all at once. This helps you save time and gives your meal schedules a rhythm. You tend to be more regular with your meal intakes giving you more sustainable results.

A successful weight loss and fitness goal requires time, effort and patience. Meal planning makes it easier for you to get one step closer to it. It prevents you from skipping your meals and motivates you to eat right throughout the week.

@Planmeal allows you to access large amounts of health goals in your day-to-day lifestyle. In this, technology plays a vital role. It strengthens the holistic lifestyle rejuvenation.

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