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People who love to eat are always the best people... #JuliaChild

Plan your healthy meal - online meal planning

People who love to eat are always the best people...


A die-hard foodie. A passionate cook. An inspiration. The (late) eminent American chef, author and television personality – Julia Child – is celebrated for introducing French cuisine and some really awesome cooking techniques to the world. She truly made cooking fun and fearless, inspiring millions to realize the true worth of not only eating good food but making it too! Though the legendary food influencer may not be present amongst us anymore, her powerful culinary legacy lives on.

Well, well… before you confuse the blog to be about the popular culinary figure, let us inform you that it is not. Our sole reason behind talking about Julia Child and her passion for cooking was to bring to your notice the relevance and requirement of cooking and eating good food. Because food is much, much more than just the stuff that we buy from the market or cook in our kitchens or consume when we are hungry. Everything related to food is an art – and food plan is no exception. In fact, meal planning is absolutely essential.

If you seek pleasure from food – be it shopping for ingredients, cooking or eating – but are also mindful of the significance of making healthy choices for yourself and your family at the same time, you are at the right place. We know are you are health and weight conscious, and while the modern food culture overpoweringly encourages indulgent and less-nutritious foods, your concern is comprehensible. And so, here we are – with three very simple and doable hacks that could change your life and lifestyle for all the great reasons!

Do we even need to give reasons for this? Simply put – at least 30 minutes of exercise a day keeps many illnesses at bay. Gym is indeed one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. There are a number of physical and mental health benefits of making exercise a steady part of your life. In case you aren't a gym person, you would be glad to know that you need not to be a gym member to stay healthy. All you need is consistency with your exercises along with having a balanced diet. There are ample of exercises that you can do outside a fitness center. Brisk walking, cycling, taking stairs instead of the elevator are few of them.  

If you are a foodie, thick chances are that you get over-indulgent some times, especially when you have your favorites in front of you. Though this is okay once in a while, your eating habits need help if this becomes a practice. Start counting your calories and cut down on your salt and sugar intake.  One of the most advisable tricks for portion control is – replacing. Replace fatty meats with lean protein and seafood. Replace refined grains with whole grains. Replace butter with olive or other oils that are good for your heart. Replace tea and coffee (made with milk) with herbal teas. Replace your big plate with a small one. Get into the practice of checking food labels and restaurant menus for hidden calories.

Meal planning can be used as a healthy eating strategy. Imagine you've reached home after a long day at work with a growling stomach but no energy to cook. Either you would order in something from outside or quickly whip up a dish without caring much about the calories. In both the cases, you are likely to end up making some unhealthy or less-nutritional choices for your lunch/dinner, in turn inviting an unwanted expanding waistline. Meal planning helps you avoid just that, making your life more organized and healthy. So make the time to make a plan.

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