Healthy And Happy Karwa Chauth

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With festivities come along, lot of health problems. Kick off these health hassles with great tips from planmeal. Lets celebrate Healthy!

Healthy Karwa Chauth

Festive occasion is round the corner. It brings with it, fun, food, lots of goodies along with some challenges, especially for the women, in the form of fast and women need to stay healthy and active while following traditions.

Karwa Chauth (this year Karva Chauth, will be celebrated on November 4, 2020 i.e. Wednesday) is one of the important festival celebrated in North India by married women. Karwa Chauth is celebrated every year on the fourth day after the full moon (Sharad Purnima) in the month of Kartika.

Hindu married women observe day long (from Sunrise to moonrise) ritualistic fasts. It is believed to bring safety ,long life and prosperity to their husbands. These days, Karwa chauth fast is being observed by both wives and husband as token of love for each other. Also on Ahoi Ashtami i.e. after four days of Karwa Chauth, mothers observe day long fast for the well-being of their children. One needs to be cautious amid this auspicious fast and need to take into account the following factors. Here Planmeal suggests you few tips for better health this Karwa Chauth.

Women eat Sargi before sunrise. For the entire day, you won’t be eating anything, hence it becomes essential to have the first meal of the day properly and nutritious enough which can provide required calories/ nutriont throughout the day .

Add fruits
You ought to add some fruits like apples, bananas in your sargi. Also having pomegranate juice will help you to keep going without water the entire day.

Avoid fried items
Try to avoid fried food as they are very unhealthy to start your fast with and can cause indigestion, upset stomach, heartburn. moreover eating fried food can increase sodium and carbohydrates percentage. Even if they are homecooked, avoiding them will be fruitful. Rather opting for protein-rich foods will help you in decreasing hunger and induce satisfaction

Drink healthy beverages
Avoiding tea or coffee also reduce the chances of acidity. Instead of these, you can switch to fresh juices, buttermilk or green tea.

Eat dry fruits
You can opt-in for dates, figs, almonds instead of sweets. You can eat 20 to 30 soaked almonds. As Almonds can help oxygen and nutrients flow more freely through the blood

Ending fast meal
After the moonrise, women end their fasts. Traditionally husbands feed the wife and make her drink water which is eventually followed by the dinner. You should be cautious about how you break your fast after seeing the moon. Don’t end your fast with high-calorie foods, as they tend to disrupt your digestive system. It leads to constipation and other digestive problems. You can opt for foods that are high on protein and fibre and low in calories. This will keep your digestive system on track but will also give you a push to your weight loss plan. Ultimately it will be a complete lifestyle rejuvenation.

Hydrate your body
Ending fast with a glass of water and some dry fruits with it would be best. Also opt for low-glycaemic index carbohydrates, like vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes. Best examples of whole grains intake can be rotis or chapattis, and some rice with pulses or dal.

Avoid Tea Coffee
Fasting tends to cause acidity, therefore, end your fast slowly and don’t shock your system with caffeine-based drinks or fried foods. Rather, start with a glass of water, or fresh homemade unsweetened vegetable juice. We assure that avoiding tea and coffee and replacing it with having a glass of cold milk or fresh juice will be helpful.

Avoid fried food
Keeping away from deep-fried, oily and spicy food while ending your fast will be beneficial. Be more inclined towards light meals and do not forget to include yoghurt in your dinner as it will sort acidity problem.

Have homemade sweets
We highly recommend you to have dry fruits instead as they possess natural sugar. In case you are bound to have sweets then try and have the simple homecooked ones.

Follow these (above) mentioned steps/ tips by Planmeal, to make your festival memorable. We are here To Build A better Lifestyle for you. Planmeal is a holistic nutritious meal planning portal, A LIFESTYLE REVOLUTION, REJUVENATION TO YOUR SOUL AND A GIFT FOR YOUR HEALTH.

Stay tuned to planmeal @plnmeal, soon we will share the details, how you can use/ start using , one of its kind online meal planning portal for your own most awaited lifestyle change.

Planmeal – We Commit to care.

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