Tips To Buy Groceries To Save Time And Money!

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  • May 21, 2021 At 12:00 AM

Planning meals in advance certainly help in saving time and money in buying groceries. Follow these tips to ease out your grocery buying.

Tips to buy Groceries

Are we spending a lot on Grocery?

What shall we do to not to rush to the supermarket or local kirana store again and again?

What shall we do to not run out of Grocery?

How shall we cut down our expenses on Grocery?

These are the very generic or common questions that we frequently encounter. And we always wait for a next time to revamp our habits or to cut down our rush to the grocery stores. But owing to our busy schedules we tend to miss this and end up spending and stocking more then what required.

In continuation to our previous article on 'How to Manage Pantry? Biggest Challenge Isn't it?' Here are a few tips, which can definitely change the pattern you follow buying your groceries and it will answer all these questions. Power of 3M

First M - MONEY : Buying groceries almost, every week/ ten days led to stocking unwanted grocery item in our pantry; thus spending more then required on the groceries. Hence it is better that you decide how much money you want to allocate/ spend on your groceries, and remember this should not excede more than 18% of your income. According to a survey we tend to spend 25% of our income on groceries.

SECOND M - MEAL planning : An efficient meal planning in advance will help you make a detailed budget of required groceries for the month. By saying this, I want to emphasize on making a monthly meal plan which will be focused, balanced and Healthy at the same time. Meal Planning in advance will have answers to all your worries like What should you and your family eat? This will take care of all the aspects of dietary requirements of your family, like what is your specific food requirement (based on medical condition if any), events, parties, number of meals a day, etc.

Here you can take help of planmeal - an automated meal planning tool/ portal. which will generate a meal plan based on your preferences and dieatry requirements. PLANMEAL can help you select seasonal, non seasonal vegetables/ fruits etc. Using PLANMEAL you will ensure that every meal which you eat is full of all the required nutrients.

Additional Tips:

1. Keep meals simple specially for the week days if you are working.
2. Choose meals with minimal ingredients
3. If you making something extra ordinary that can be stored in freezer, consider doubling the size, next week you can have again with minimal effort.

Third and most important task is Making LIST, of what you already have and what extra do you need. Here comes another question What Quantity do we buy/ stock? Planmeal is again saviour. When you generate a meal plan using planmeal for your family. Planmeal's alogorithims will automatically prepare a list of required ingredients. Also here you will have options to check/ un check what you already have and what you need to buy from market. Once you mark you can download selected list of groceries or complete list of grocery on whatsApp, email OR order it online.

These simple steps can actually help you spend quality time with your loved ones, save little extra and top of it you will be more productive and healthier.

Stay tuned/ subscribe to @plnmeal for our next update on Why and What is meal planning and also get a chance of a free subscription of 3 months of planmeal.

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