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Be mindful, kind and your best while eating and don’t let guilt pangs get the best of you!

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Eating disorders cause a lot of health issues in this sedentary generation which is why many people are turning into healthy eating habits. People who love sweet, sour and everything spicy are keeping such mouthfuls at bay these days. Eating calorie-free and oil-free is the new age mantra.

However, there are times when a craving to have one particular type of food arises. Like the very indulging fruit – mango in summers or that spicy lamb curry during a special occasion and at times a high-calorie brownie cake sitting in your fridge. But as soon as you have eaten these, you are filled with guilt.

Is it a good thing to feel guilty and worried about what happens next after eating a delectable dish you longed to have? Of course not! You should never gift yourself guilt pangs post eating your favorite food; instead, you should be enjoying the food without any regrets.

Most people who decide to starve cannot restrict themselves from binge-eating seeing their favorite food in front of them. And post hogging, they get physically and emotionally drained and filled with guilt deciding to start on a cleanse diet. But as soon as the next party approaches, the entire episode replays.

So, how to get out of this restricting, then going on an eating spree, then regretting and again repeating cycle? It is simple! Put the 'Smart Eating Mode' on. What is smart eating? Eating everything and anything under the sun but in moderation. Not stopping oneself from eating their favorites but keeping a check on the portions.

Here are some tips to put on that smart eating hat on…

Don’t Stop

Every food was created in this universe for a sole purpose and that is what needs to be fed into your mind before eating it. Think that the food was made for you instead of drifting away from it. The battle between good and bad food always results in your overeating. Enjoy your normal-size snacks and meals and maintain your exercise regime to keep yourself fit and fine.

Look Out for The Good Things in Your Platter & Life
Eat mindfully what you truly love without judging yourself. This can satiate your hunger and give you immense pleasure like nothing else. Add small portions of all the good, favorite and healthy things and see the difference.

Eat with Your Family

Don’t watch the TV set or your platter also for that matter while eating. Concentrate more on the conversations with your family and friends instead of food and you will automatically end up eating less.

Be mindful, kind and your best while eating and don’t let guilt pangs get the best of you!
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