Control Food Waste, Save Environment Save Money

Mealplanning and Food Waste

Food Waste impact us economically, environmentally and mentally too.

Throwing edible food doesn’t just have impact on our pocket. it is impacting our climate and our environment as well.. Thrown food is then sent to landfills, where it produces methane gas, (the second most common greenhouse gas) in simple words ‘Throwing out edible food contributes to climate change.

As per various studies Nearly one-third (approx 1.3 billion tons every year) of all food produced in the world is discarded or wasted for various reasons. Furthermore about 170 trillion litres of water is a wastage because of this food waste.

We all can contribute and help to reduce this food waste to save our environment; if we simply start following these 6 small tips. OR start using concept of Meal Planning in Advance.
1. Shop Smartly : Most of the time we buy unwanted items or excess than required; just to avoid frequent visit to grocery store.
2. Preserve and Store Correctly : many are unsure how to store fruits and vegetables, which lead to premature ripening and eventually rotten produce. Pickling, drying, and freezing are some of the best methods one can use to make food last longer.
3. Smart Freezing : Stocking fridge by using the FIFO (First In, First Out) method is the best way to avoid food waste.
4. Leftover Recipe : Save leftover food and designate a day to use up and make new dishes.
5. Be Creative in Kitchen : one of the benefit of cooking your own food at home, is that you can tweak recipes to your taste and liking. (Add new flavours and ingredients, etc)
6. Check Serving Size : Ensure your portion size remains within a healthy range. Cook smartly, by keeping in mind that how hungry you are and at what time of the day you are cooking. Portion control is the great way to reduce food waste and will help you stay healthy and fit.

Meal Planning using Planmeal (An Online Automatic Meal Planner Portal/ App) is one of its kind technology solution for your FOOD; which will not just help you stay healthy, it will also help you save your time, money and resources.

Planmeal is getting ready to provide you a single indigenous platform; which will not only suggest food as per your body requirement. Planmeal will also give you list of all the required ingredients, (you can shop online too). Furthermore you can also check about the basics like ‘How to store particular food?’, When to buy food/ spices etc. Most Importantly you can check recipes based on the available ingredients in your pantry. And you can also prepare some nice food from your left over.

Please do signup/ follow planmeal for all the regular updates. In short planmeal – will be one stop solution for all your dietary related hassles.

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